Hi guys!!

I finally have a picture of Kapone and I that I feel is somewhat acceptable!!!  I am totally in love with him!!  He so amazing and is getting better and better everyday... Football season has started again for my boys, and Kapone always comes with us to practice.  I have had a lot of compliments on him and his growth since last season from the other parents.  He's pushing 70lbs now and looks fantastic!! And Vicky, of course, you are right when you say his face his like his Moms...I see it more and more.

 He is going in for his 'procedure' this coming Tuesday....I didn't mean to wait so long but at least it's getting done!!  Hope all is well with you and your family!!  I check out your website often.. I like checking out the new puppies.  I still give your card when I get the chance too, so hopefully something will come of that one of these days.  Anyways, just wanted to say hi.  Take care and we'll talk to you soon.



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