At 2 years old. Beautiful!

      2 years old.  Filling out nicely!

     At nine months. Growing fast!

       Angel with her sibling, Ellie
 (both sired by TBAB's Ironman Tyson)
   Angel's Dam: Hamilton's Honey Bun
     Ellie's Dam: TBAB's Lady Liberty

TBAB's Guardian Angel

Call Name: Angel

Sire: TBAB's Ironman Tyson

Dam: Hamilton's Honeybun

Pedigree HERE

D.O.B.: December 26, 2014

Weight: 20 lbs @ 3 1/2 mos
              27 lbs @ 4 1/2 mos
              62 lbs @  9 mos
              78 lbs @ 2.5 yrs

         Wow, built like a stud!

        At 8 weeks old. So cute!

TBAB's Ellie Mae

Call Name: Ellie

Sire: TBAB's Ironman Tyson

Dam: TBAB's Lady Liberty

Pedigree HERE

D.O.B.: December 17, 2014

Weight: 25 lbs @  3 1/2 mos
              32 lbs @  4 1/2 mos
              65 lbs @  9 mos
              72 lbs @ 2.5 yrs


 TBAB's Honey Bear

Call Name:  Honey

D.O.B. October 18th, 2014

Sire:  TBAB's Beauford T. Justice

Dam:  TBAB's Sugar Doll

pedigree HERE

Weight: 46 lbs @ 5 1/2 mos

              51 lbs @ 6 mos

              61 lbs @ 11 mos

              73 lbs @ 2.5yrs


Reg. Name:  Smith's Lady Liberty

Sire:  Smith's Kreeper

Dam:  Smith's Kahlua

Call Name: Liberty

Born:  April 23rd, 2012


Weight: 77 lbs

Color:  Brindle and white

Appearance:  Johnson Type

*NKC Registered*

TBAB's Sugar Doll

Call Name: Sugar

Sire: Big Branch Boone

Dam: Big Branch Tiny

Sugar's Pedigree HERE

DOB:October 30, 2013


Weight: 63 lbs

TBAB's Clear Blue Sky

Call Name:  Sky

Sire:  Smith's Kreeper

Dam:  TBAB's Ellie Mae

Pedigree:  HERE

D.O.B.:  May 19, 2016

Weight: 68lbs

Reg. Name: TBAB's Bella Donna

Call Name: Bella

Sire: Bruiser Jr. Hackney Starr

Dam: Baby Lady Luck Hackney

D.O.B.: June 29, 2012


Weight: 95 pounds

Color: fawn and white

Bella's Pedigree HERE.


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