Hi Vicky

I was just wanting to give you an update about 3 weeks ago I took major to the vet to see about getting his stitches removed. The vet noticed something was sticking out of his lip it turned out to be a piece of his jaw bone that had died and broke off and was working its way out through the stitches. He had to be put to sleep again and cut open and the the piece of bone removed.when he stitched him back up he was able to stitch his lip up a lot better. Today we took him back so he got his wire taken out and his stitches. The vet also said since that piece of bone in his jaw rotted and broke off that he might not grow some of his adult teeth but he was not sure he said only time will tell. Today he turned 11 weeks old and weighted 17 pounds he is growing so fast , him and Bella get along great and my 3 kids love him too, he is a very smart dog he has caught onto our routine really fast.





















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