Patty went to vet today for her 16 week shots.  She now weighs 25lbs 14oz. What a heiffer! She keeps getting bigger by the day.  I love it!   She is so smart, and becoming a good watchpuppy.   Trainingis  going very well.  She knows all her  basic comands.  Her  "stay" is a little short, but she speaks very well.  One of the pictures is with her best buddy, Moose.  He is a mastif/boxer mix,  8mos old and 78lb, so we have lots of action at play time!  I saw Nala the other day.  She is 6lb lighter than Patty, but she is doing very well.  She looks more pit bullish, and patty looks more bully. We"re looking foward to seeing more updates on the rest - do you ever get any sizes on them? Thanks,      Cathy Dugger












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