We are the owners of your pup named "Milky Way". We were her third owner since she left your care. She has been a part of our family since 2011. We renamed her "Chacha" which is short for muchacha which means girl in Spanish. She has been an amazing adventure for us. She was a little over a year when we welcomed her to our home. She was full of energy and love and nothing has changed! She loves her daily walks and trips to the local dog park to play with her friends. We love being outdoors and so does she.

We found your website when we were thinking about another American Bulldog. I looked on her National Kennel Club Registration Certificate and saw the names of her parents Sunny Boy and Pearl and her puppy name "Milky Way" and matched it to your picture of her on your website. The internet is an amazing way to connect to people in unexpected ways.


Mario and Sheri Espino


























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