"This is the kind of babies you adopt out! Thank you for our baby! Courtney Abel and I couldn't ask for a better baby! Now we have our first child and last baby together and 7 in between!"   -  Brandi Foote

Porshe, "Chevelle"
Kreeper X Sugar Dec 2015

"We adopted Jaxon in February of 2015. He is now 2 ½ years old and he is our big baby in the family. My daughter, Brooklyn loves him to pieces and they are always playing together. He now has a new playmate, my grandson Dev, who is one years old. Dev loves getting baths by Jaxon and quite truthfully, Jaxon loves giving them as Dev always has food on him…lol. Jaxon is much loved and very spoiled."
                                                                        - Bridget A. Bell
                                                                          Lee's Summit, MO

Tyson X Liberty
Dec 2014

He's a nice dog one of the best temperaments he's calm and confident very sure of himself. Some nice bone on him with a real nice head."
- Mike Ellis
Darlington, MO

"DHAB's Briar Patch"
Tyson X Lberty
Dec 2014

 "Hi guys!!

I finally have a picture of Kapone and I that I feel is somewhat acceptable!!!  I am totally in love with him!!  He so amazing and is getting better and better everyday... Football season has started again for my boys, and Kapone always comes with us to practice.  I have had a lot of compliments on him and his growth since last season from the other parents.  He's pushing 70lbs now and looks fantastic!! And Vicky, of course, you are right when you say his face his like his Moms...I see it more and more.

 He is going in for his 'procedure' this coming Tuesday....I didn't mean to wait so long but at least it's getting done!!  Hope all is well with you and your family!!  I check out your website often.. I like checking out the new puppies.  I still give your card when I get the chance too, so hopefully something will come of that one of these days.  Anyways, just wanted to say hi.  Take care and we'll talk to you soon."

Surrey, BC

Sunny X Pearl
June 2009

" I wanted to update you on Katie. She went through her vet check with flying colors. She is putting weight back on. She walks on the leash like a champ. She and baby Rylee get along great. The crocker bosses her around she doesnt seem to mind. She is on a wireless fence and has free run of our extra lg lot. She's a little spoiled, I have included some photos."
Cindy Griffin

Sunny X Pearl
June 2009

 "We are the owners of your pup named "Milky Way". We were her third owner since she left your care. She has been a part of our family since 2011. We renamed her "Chacha" which is short for muchacha which means girl in Spanish. She has been an amazing adventure for us. She was a little over a year when we welcomed her to our home. She was full of energy and love and nothing has changed! She loves her daily walks and trips to the local dog park to play with her friends. We love being outdoors and so does she.

We found your website when we were thinking about another American Bulldog. I looked on her National Kennel Club Registration Certificate and saw the names of her parents Sunny Boy and Pearl and her puppy name "Milky Way" and matched it to your picture of her on your website. The internet is an amazing way to connect to people in unexpected ways."


                               Mario and Sheri Espino

Sunny X Pearl
March 2010

Hi vicki,
I wanted to update you on "Heath". His new name is Mac, and we are enjoying him so much. He fits into our family so well. Our 4 year old daughter loves him so much and you can tell he feels the same. we took him to the vet the other day and he is 56lbs.  He loves going to the dog park and he is really great with other dogs. I have sent some pics of him growing over the past few months, sorry it took so long to get them to you we bought a house not long ago and just really started to get settled in. Well I hope you enjoy the pics and i will send more soon and keep you posted. Thank you for the great dog!!!

Cody McCallister

Sunny X Pearl
March 2010

"Hey Vicky,  just wanted to send you some pics of Lavern, now known as Arkadia :) She is doing awesome!  Very playful, and gets along with my male perfectly.  They do everything together, lol.   Its so funny how much in tune they are ..... I have included a couple of pics of my male as well.   The vet said she will be okay to breed any time around 14-16 months old.  She says she looks very awesome, and she is a whopping 56 pounds.   Feel free to e-mail me any time.    -     James Oller "

Kreeper X Kahlua
Dec 2010

I just wanted to give you an update on her. She's going on 10 weeks and is growing like a weed. I had to extend her Crate size a little so she'd have more room to lay down and she's doing a great job at not going potty in there. :) I took her to the vet about her itchiness I was worried about previously before I changed her food. Since she still continued to chew on herself and itch and the rash on her belly hadn't been going away, I had to get her checked out. She has a skin infection... puppy dermadex is what he said it was. I've got her on Antibiotics and some medicated shampoo though and she's doing much better. Her eyes aren't even watering as much anymore either! She's such a sweetie and doesn't seem to know a single stranger. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Thank you for all the hard work you did in developing your bloodline and establishing such great temperaments in your dogs. It really shows!

I've a few pictures I'd like to share with you.

Coreena "Rini" Watson

Beuford X Pearl
Dec 2012

Hi Vicky

I was just wanting to give you an update about 3 weeks ago I took major to the vet to see about getting his stitches removed. The vet noticed something was sticking out of his lip it turned out to be a piece of his jaw bone that had died and broke off and was working its way out through the stitches. He had to be put to sleep again and cut open and the the piece of bone removed.when he stitched him back up he was able to stitch his lip up a lot better. Today we took him back so he got his wire taken out and his stitches. The vet also said since that piece of bone in his jaw rotted and broke off that he might not grow some of his adult teeth but he was not sure he said only time will tell. Today he turned 11 weeks old and weighted 17 pounds he is growing so fast , him and Bella get along great and my 3 kids love him too, he is a very smart dog he has caught onto our routine really fast.

                                        - Nicole Alexander

                                          Independence, MO

Kreeper X Kahlua
Dec 2012

 Hello Vicki-
Thought we would drop by and give you a quick update! Leroy is doing great and getting big fast!! His skin rash that he had when we got him has gone away after antibiotics and is looking great! He has such a great temperament and is very smart. We are starting to work with him in commands such as sit, stay and shake. He seems to be catching on quick. We are so glad to have him as a part of family!! It has been so fun to watch him grow already :). We will be sure to keep you updated!
Thanks for the great pup!
Alexis and Joe Westra

Kreeper X Kahlua
Dec 2012

"Thank you to Victoria Anderson for our new addition! Diamond is doing great with her new family. She's EVERYTHING I wanted in an American Bulldog!"
                                                                               Sherica Smith

Sport X Sky Litter
May 2017

"Just wanted to let you know our girl is doing fantastic!! We named her Harlee. She can fetch, sit, stay and is doing amazing at potty training. She's SO smart!! She loves rides in the truck and sleeping under the covers..yep. She's spoiled! We love her so much! Thank you! We're recommending you to everybody who asks about her!  We've given lots of recommendations already.  We're very happy!"
-Naomi Bowens

Beuford X Honey Litter
April 2017

"Hey Victoria here's my Bovine! (Spartacus) out of Beauford T and Sugar Doll. He's so smart and funny. I love this dog like my own kid. He cracks me up daily. He's such a good boy. Thanks!"
- Jennifer Marchlewski

Spartacus a.k.a. "Bovine"
Beuford X Sugar litter
Oct 2014

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