Have you ever desired to be "World Heavy Weight Champion" or perhaps the "World's Strongest Athlete" or maybe  "Mr. or Miss Olympia" and become the greatest body builder in the world? In the human race it is highly unlikely that one individual will ever be able to become all three of the aforementioned champions, however,  in the world of canines, there is one  breed of dog that most assuredly could accomplish all three.   Most likely responsible for putting courage and tenacity into every breed of dog that claims to be heroic, the American Bulldog is the breed chosen by man to do mans' toughest work. Having been known to catch and  seize lions, bear, wild cats, wolves, wild boar, horses, mules and of course cattle thus, the name BULLDOG.   This breed is where the terms "OL" Fashioned Bulldog Tenacity and Bulldog Grit come from.

Temperament tested, protection trained, these ol' time farm raised bulldogs  will win your heart as the best friend money can buy.  All of our bulldogs are NKC registered.


                          John Smith                                                        Vicky Smith


         Lady, Sunny Boy, & Pearl                                          Kreeper & Kahlua



 * We understand that some people may be hesitant to buy a puppy online, due to the increasing number of internet scammers out there.  Therefore, we do offer a list of references, both from people who have come to pick up a puppy and from people who have bought a puppy online and had it shipped to them.  This list is still growing, and I will be adding a testimonials page to the website in the near future.  Until then, references are available upon request.   Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the testimonials page, and we hope you keep in touch!


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